EastEnders Last Tango In Walford


EastEnders Last Tango In Walford DVD

Eastenders Last Tango in Walford DVDWith the second marriage of Ricky and Bianca just around the corner, their two children, Tiffany and Liam set out to film a video diary surprise for their wedding ceremony.

As EastEnders’ biggest stars, including Pat Evans, Ian Beale, Janine Butcher and Phil Mitchell, offer their own personal thoughts of the sometimes happy couple, Tiffany has a puzzle to unravel: exactly why is Carol Jackson determined to miss Bianca’s special day?

In the mean time, intent on having a romantic Valentine’s Day, Ricky and Bianca wander through the streets of Albert Square, reminiscing about their own personal experiences and looking forward to their wedding, even donning their dancing shoes for an impressive tango treat.

Last Tango In Walford explores the ups and downs of Ricky and Bianca’s thirteen year relationship, chronicling their explosive arguments and moving love story, including how they met, their very first date, their dramatic break-up and the emotional reconciliation.

As a special treat for fans, this DVD also includes the cast of EastEnders in a comical show stopping Girls Aloud number that you will always remember!

DVD Extras

  • Twenty five vintage moments from two and a half decades of EastEnders
  • Outtakes
  • Trailers – “They’re Back” and “Jackson 5”