Eastenders - The Mitchells - Naked Truths Video


EastEnders - The Mitchells Naked Truths Video

Eastenders - The Mitchells Naked Truths VideoPhil and Grant remember the laughs, the tears and the fights - and settle some old scores.

The Mitchells - they've fought each other, threatened each other, hated each other and deceived each other. But they've never forgotten they're brothers - and family ties never let up. Phil and Grant might have been at each others throats over Sharon and Kath, but they'd always be there, side by side, when the chips were down.

So when they find themselves alone after hours at the Vic, it's time for some home truths to be faced. And, as these are the Mitchell's - with anger, pride and hurt simmering within them - the night sees some old scores settled, some good times revisited and some dramatic secrets revealed......

A Video Exclusive starring Ross Kemp, Steve McFadden and Barbara Windsor.

Never to be Transmitted on Television
First archive special, featuring 50% specially shot footage and 50% archive material

  • VHS PAL Video Cassette
  • Running Time - 60 Minutes
  • Released - 16 November 1998