Eastenders - Bianca's Secret Diary


EastEnders - Bianca's Secret Diary

Eastenders - Bianca's Secret DiaryThe shock of meeting her mothers new boyfriend rocks Bianca's world.
'I already know him. Too well as it happens. We slept together when I was fifteen...he broke my heart'.

Frustrated by her safe, married life, Bianca finds her old feelings for Dan flaring up again.
'I can't help drawing comparisons when I see Dan and Ricky together... There's something about Dan's body that gives me butterflies... As for sex, it was the best I've ever had'

Caught in a love triangle with her own mother, Bianca is forced to keep the secret of her past hidden from Carol and Ricky... and the tension mounts. Dan doesn't help matters by making it clear that he still fancies Bianca and, however hard she tries, when it comes to the crunch, Bianca is powerless to resist him.
'Dan stroked my arm and I felt my skin tingle all over. I looked into his eyes and I knew I wasn't gonna back down this time. It was like nothing in the world mattered at that moment except him and me...'

The situation becomes explosive. Bianca is torn between her love for Ricky and her mother, and her overwhelming desire for Dan. Wracked with guilt, she can hardly live with herself.
'Look at me. Bianca Butcher married with a kid and having it off with her mothers fiancĂ©... I disgust myself.'

Is Bianca strong enough to stop before it's all too late?

  • As Seen by Kate Lock
  • Paperback Edition
  • 118 Pages
  • 8 Pages of Colour Photographs