Eastenders - Tiffany's Secret Diary


EastEnders - Tiffany's Secret Diary

Eastenders - Tiffany's Secret DiaryThis secret diary, which has been kept by Tiffany, Grant's estranged and under-strain wife, explains and elaborates on all of the dramatic events which lead up to Christmas 1998 climatic events.

Starting from when Tiffany found out she was pregnant with Courtney, the diary illustrates her fears and concerns regarding the future between her and Grant.

Find out what drives Tiffany and how she copes with the turmoil of her emotional life. How does she feel when both her alcoholic, abusive father and her estranged mother re-appear and try to make themselves part of her life once more.

This is your chance to follow Tiffany through her life building up to the climax of the Christmas 1998 episodes.

  • As Seen by Kate Lock
  • Paperback Edition
  • 118 Pages
  • 16 Pages of Colour Photographs