Eastenders on Video


EastEnders On Video

Although EastEnders has been airing since February 1985, video releases have been minimal.

The first EastEnders video was that of EastEnders - The Queen Vic, which looked at the major events in the lives of Angie, Den, Michelle, and the birth of Michelle's baby, Vicki.

After that, it was 1994 before the next video entitled The Den and Angie Years was released.

The next video was in 1998 when EastEnders - The Mitchells - Naked Truths was released.

To celebrate 15 years of EastEnders, a special video, simply called 15 Years of EastEnders, was released in 2000 and presented by Barbara Windsor. It featured footage chosen from over 2000 episodes.

The Slaters in Detention, released in November 2003, was the first EastEnders DVD, but was also available on VHS video. It contained a special comedic episode of EastEnders, starring the Slater family, and was written by Tony Jordan, who helped devise the characters.

Eastenders - Den and Angie Years Video

EastEnders - The Den and Angie Years

Relive the years of the original and best landlord and landlady of the Queen Vic - Den and Angie Watts

Eastenders - The Mitchells Naked Truths Video

EastEnders - The Mitchells - Naked Truths

A specially shot EastEnders story finds Phil and Grant alone after hours at the Queen Vic

Eastenders - 15 Years of Eastenders Video

EastEnders - 15 Years of EastEnders

A guided tour through 15 years of high drama in Albert Square

Eastenders - The Slaters in Detention Video

EastEnders - The Slaters In Detention

They're the most volatile, dramatic, emotional and downright sassy family ever seen on a soap, and they've been captured in specially shot footage and exclusive never broadcast material... more

Barbara Windsor - The Windsor Workout Video

Barbara Windsor - The Windsor Workout

Join Barbara Windsor aka Peggy Mitchell from EastEnders in this workout video for the whole body