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  • Eastenders Merchandise and Memorabillia - Now in it's 22nd Year, EastEnders has become one of BBC Television's most successful and consistently highest rated TV Drama Series.
  • Eastenders Books - No TV Series has offered viewers as much drama, excitement and gritty realism as Eastenders. Here you can the range of books about Eastenders that remember the classic ...
  • Including wonderful archive interviews, 25 Years of EastEnders looks back at the headlines made by the families that have kept TV audiences tuning in every week
  • Garry Bushell - 1001 Reasons Why Eastenders is Pony is the perfect solution to perk up folks who detest the programme whilst bringing a grin to the lips of those that adore it.
  • The Ultimate Unofficial EastEnders Quiz Book is just the ticket to test your knowledge of two and a half decades of BBC Televesion's biggest series
  • Albert Square and Me includes fifty two exclusive interviews and photos with past and present cast members of EastEnders taken from past issues of the Walford Gazette
  • The EastEnders Annual 2009 is more lively than karaoke night at the Queen Vic, includes even more gossip than Dot and is much more appealing than Jack Branning
  • Eastenders 20th Anniversary - To celebrate the 20th anniversary of EastEnders on 19 February 2005, this book takes a nostalgic look back over the life of Albert Square and its residents,
  • Eastenders Who's Who - If your memory of characters and the events of years gone by is getting hazy or if you are a newcomer to EastEnders who finds it all a bit confusing, then you need ...
  • Eastenders - A Celebration - The First Ten Years of Eastenders - No television serial has offered viewers as much drama, excitement and gritty realism as Eastenders ...
  • Eastenders Blood Ties - The Life and Loves of Grant Mitchell - EastEnders most provocative, unpredictable, dangerous and sexy character (played by Ross Kemp) takes centre stage ...
  • Eastenders - Bianca's Secret Diary - Caught in a love triangle with her own mother, Bianca is forced to keep the secret of her past hidden from Carol and Ricky... and the tension mounts ...
  • Eastenders - Steve Owen - Still Waters - You've just married a man who is sexy, good-looking, charming - and dangerous. You nothing about his past. Most of the time, you don't even know ...
  • Eastenders - Tiffany's Secret Diary - This secret diary, which has been kept by Tiffany, Grant's estranged and under strain wife, explains and elaborates on all of the dramatic events which lead ...
  • Barbara Windsor - All of Me - My Extraordinary Life - Barbara Windsor's career in showbusiness has spanned an incredible 50 years -- from her first appearance in pantomime at the age of 12 ...
  • T'rific - Mike Reid - The Autobiography - T'rific is the autobiography of Mike Reid; actor, Eastender, comic and professional London wide-boy. Best known as Albert Square's long suffering Frank...
  • Eastenders On Ebay - The items shown here are current Live listings for EastEnders Merchandise on Ebay, the world's largest online community of buyers and sellers.
  • Eastenders on DVD - The Slaters in Detention, released in November 2003, was the first EastEnders DVD, but was also available on VHS. It contained a special comedic episode of...
  • Eastenders Signed Photos - High quality authentic signed or autographed photographs and prints of your favourite EastEnders stars past and present
  • Eastenders on Video - The first EastEnders video was that of EastEnders - The Queen Vic, which looked at the major events in the lives of Angie, Den, Michelle, and the birth of Michelle's baby...
  • Eastenders - The Mitchells - Naked Truths Video - Phil and Grant remember the laughs, the tears and the fights - and settle some old scores.
  • Eastenders - 15 Years Of Eastenders Video - Celebrating 15 Years of High Drama on Albert Square. Presented by Barbara Windsor and featuring footage chosen from over 2000 episodes
  • The Den and Angie Years is a special BBC video which celebrates EastEnders most turbulent partnership in almost two hours of great drama
  • Eastenders - The Slaters In Detention Video - A specially shot Eastenders Story. They are the most volatile, dramatic, emotional and downright sassy family ever seen on a TV Soap, and ...
  • Barbara Windsor - The Windsor Workout Video - A workout featuring Barbara Windsor (Peggy Mitchell from EastEnders) and her personal fitness trainer Roy Gayle.
  • Eastenders Links - Looking for more information or resources about EastEnders. Take a look at the following sites that have all the latest gossip and updates about your favourite TV Series
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