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  • Coronation Street TV Series Merchandise - Now in it's 45th year, Coronation Street has become the world's longest running and consistently highest rated TV Series.
  • Coronation Street TV Series Books - Here you can find a range of books about Coronation Street and also biographies of some of the actors down the years.
  • The official Fifty Years of Coronation Street book is the definitive guide to five decades of daily life on the Street, which no fan of the show should be without
  • The unofficial 50 years of Coronation Street book is a fascinating compendium of behind the scenes stories that is an absolute must have for any true soap fan.
  • The Ultimate Unofficial Coronation Street Quiz book is just the ticket to test your knowledge of five decades of the UKs longest running television series.
  • 50 Years on the Street - My Life with Ken Barlow is a celebration of William Roache's fifty years in Coronation Street ranging from very first episode through to the show's 50th anniversary
  • William Roache - Soul on the Street - An Autobiography. William Roache has played Ken Barlow on Britain's best-loved soap opera Coronation Street, for 50 years
  • Jack Duckworth and Me - My Life on the Street and Other Adventures is the autobiography of actor Bill Tarmey who has played what is arguably the nations best-loved soap character for 31 years
  • Who's Going to Look at You - My Journey from No Hope Street To Coronation Street is the autobiography of Mark Eden who played the evil Alan Bradley, once the most hated man in Britain
  • Coronation Street BFI TV Classics concentrates on three main issues that have ranked Coronation Street as the most viewed, loved and talked about programmes on British television
  • Daran Little's 40 Years of Coronation Street is a glorious celebration of each and every momentous year on one of the world's most famous streets.
  • Coronation Street Access All Areas is a guide to everything that happens on Coronation Street but is never seen on the small screen.
  • Featuring every major storyline ever featured on the show, The Coronation Street Story allows you to rediscover each event in the Street's long history.
  • Provides an amazing record of 45 years of life on Britain's most famous Street - Coronation Street. Also includes a 72 minute CD containing audio segments of classic Coronation Street moments.
  • Who's Who on Coronation Street - The only book to celebrate the unique characters of Coronation Street, in a handy pocket-sized format.
  • Coronation Street - The Epic Novel tells the story of 40 years of The Street. Nearly 1,000 pages detail the life, loves and losses of characters who have become national institutions.
  • Coronation Street - The Complete Saga is the Updated version of Coronation Street - The Epic Novel, first published in May 2003.
  • Coronation Street - Snippets From The Street by Helen Nugent
  • Coronation Street War Years Saga tells the story of the enduring resilience of the plucky residents of Weatherfield, as they struggle through hardship, absent sweethearts and loss, to emerge as the more mature characters that formed the backbone of the longest-running serial drama. on TV.
  • Coronation Street At War. It is September 1939 and into Coronation Street walks the sixteen-year-old Elsie Tanner, just married, pregnant, optimistic for the future in her more affluent new surroundings
  • Coronation Street The War Years is a compelling wartime saga that embraces all that the shows twenty million fans love about Coronation Street, beautifully packaged as a hardback gift edition.
  • In Coronation Street at War, it is September 1939 and sixteeen-year-old Elsie Tanner walks into Coronation Street. Newly married, pregnant, and optimistic, she has little idea of the difficult times that lie ahead
  • Brimful of romance, emotional hardship and resilient humour, Coronation Street Keeping the Home Fires Burning celebrates all that the show's twenty million fans love about Coronation Street
  • Around The Coronation Street Houses. A fascinating look at whos lived where on Coronation Street from when the street was built in 1902 up until today.
  • The Women Of Coronation Street takes a light-hearted look at the ladies that have tottered over the cobbles of Coronation Street to make us laugh and cry over the years
  • Forty Years of Coronation Street is a compilation of interviews with those that have starred in the programme and worked on the show as well as with the viewers
  • Ken Morley is the man who breathed new life into Coronation Street playing supermarket boss, Reg Holdsworth which earned him the title of Best Soap Star Ever from readers of TV Times magazine
  • When Ken Barlow started researching the general history of his home town, he little knew that he was about to stumble across a mystery that would grip the present day Coronation Street
  • Rovers Return Pub Quiz Book is a gigantic compendium of mind-teasing trivia and is packed with over 1500 questions on Coronation Street
  • Mike Baldwin - Mr Heartbreak - My Life Before Coronation Street gives a unique insight into the life of Coronation Streets crafty Cockney.
  • Full of romance, scandal and humour, Coronation Street The Way to Victory follows the inhabitants of Coronation Street as they continue to fall out and make up in their own inimitable style
  • Coronation Street - Betty - The Autobiography. Betty Driver is known to millions as Coronation Streets Betty Turpin, the longest serving barmaid at the Rovers Return
  • Coronation Street Life and Times At The Rovers Return is an illustrated history of the bar-staff, the regulars, the visitors and all the events that form the distinctive character of the famous hostelry.
  • Julie Goodyear Queen Of The Street. Julie Goodyear was the mightiest star in Britain's number one soap playing Bet Lynch, the undisputed queen of Coronation Street.
  • Johnny Briggs My Life As Mike Baldwin. Johnny Briggs portrayal of Mike Baldwin in Coronation Street has made the wheeler-dealing rogue the man the nation loves to hate.
  • For 23 years, Lynne Perrie stalked Coronation Street as the fearsome Poison Ivy Tilsley. Now she has become the first star from the TV series to tell the real inside story of The Street
  • Amanda Barrie made her first appearance as Alma Sedgwick in Coronation Street in 1981 but has been on the stage since she was three, when she performed at the theatre her grandfather ran
  • Coronation Street Magical Memories - Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Coronation Street with some of the top songs from the 60s and 70s that could have been heard in the Rovers at the time
  • Coronation Street TV Series Calendars - Looking for your new Official 2013 Coronation Street Calendar. We also have previous years calendars available as collectables
  • Cast and stars both past and present is the theme of the official 2013 Coronation Street Calendar
  • Corrie At Work is the theme of the official Coronation Street 2012 wall calendar which features some of the most iconic moments from the worlds longest running TV soap opera
  • Catch all your favourite characters in official Coronation Street calendar 2011 which features some of the current cast as well as past Street stars
  • Celebrating fifty years on television and having clocked up over seven thousand episodes, the 2010 Coronation Street calendar features stars and cast from then and now
  • Coronation Street Official 2008 Calendar - Two Coronation Street Calendars for 2008. The Official ITV Wall Calendar and another for Coronation Fans in Canada and the US
  • The Coronation Street 2007 Calendar focuses on the celebrations theme. Each month features a different celebration. Whether it's a christening, a stag or hen do, or a wedding, this is definitely a ...
  • Coronation Street 2006 Wall Calendar. Much Missed in 2005, the Coronation Street Calendar is back. Each month features favourite characters from Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  • ITV Soap Babes 2006 Calendar - Featuring the girls from Coronation Street and Emmerdale, ITV Soap Babes calendar 2006. You'll love this super collectible ITV Soap Babes ...
  • Featuring the guys from Coronation Street and Emmerdale, ITV Soap Hunks Calendar 2006 You'll love this super collectible ITV Soap Hunks calendar which has 12 fantastic full page gloss ...
  • The Official Coronation Street 2004 Calendar - Classic Couples Of Coronation Street
  • The Official Coronation Street 2003 Calendar - Bad Boys Of Coronation Street
  • Coronation Street Calendar 2002 - Includes FREE 'The Cast of Coronation Street' Poster
  • Coronation Street Calendar 2001 Marking the 40th Anniversary of Coronation Street. Premises by premises, character by character, past and present, the Official 2001 Coronation Street Calendar ...
  • This Calendar, marking the 40th year of Coronation Street, looks back at some unforgettable TV Times Coronation Street covers. From a haunted looking Ken Barlow with his first wife Val to ...
  • Coronation Street TV Series Collectables - On Friday 9 December 1960, the first episode of what was to become Britains most successful TV Drama Series was broadcast - Coronation Street.
  • The Coronation Street Wasgij Destiny consists of two jigsawa enabling puzzlers to puzzle the box image along with the solution by forecasting what the future holds for the folks on the box
  • Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the nation’s favourite street by building your own property empire - with the Coronation Street Monopoly Game
  • This special Coronation Street Top Trumps card game set features thirty characters from some of Weatherfields most memorable families and story lines over fifty years
  • How about a game of whist with Norris or a quick round of poker with Bet Lynch. Well now is your chance with this set of quality Coronation Street Playing Cards from Waddingtons
  • The Coronation Street Musical Alarm Clock plays the original theme tune upon alarm activation. It also features a snooze system as well as lighting up when the alarm goes off
  • Coronation Street 2006 Interactive DVD Game - Test your knowledge of the nation's favourite and longest running TV series with the Coronation Street 2006 Interactive DVD Game.
  • Test your knowledge of the nation's favourite TV series with the Coronation Street Interactive DVD Quiz Game. Have hours of fun with this family quiz and find out who the Coronation Street ...
  • Introducing the Rovers Return model from Coronation Street. This popular adult model kit is made from all natural products: the bricks and tiles are made from oven-baked clay, plus wooden doors and window frames. Aimed at older children and adults, this kit will provide many hours of enjoyment.
  • Coronation Street Rovers Return Tavern Tankard Gift Set consisting of pint beer glass with Rovers Return logo, Rovers Return bar towel and ten card beer mats
  • Set of ten Coronation Street Rovers Return Drip Mats with Cocktail Recipes
  • Coronation Street Rovers Return Four Piece cork backed Coaster Set featuring a Rovers Return Print on the front with dark green border and gold colour trimmed edges
  • Rovers Return Ceramic Fridge Magnet - Ceramic hand pinted detail fridge magnet featuring Caricature of the Rovers Return
  • Coronation Street Rovers Return Bar Towel - 100% Baumwolle Cotton Finished in Green/Yellow With Rovers Return Logo
  • Coronation Street TV Series Cross Stitch Kits - Here you can find a range of Counted Cross Stitch Kits designed to represent, in exact detail the various infamous buildings and houses that are ...
  • Coronation Street TV Series DVD - With many episodes unseen since their original broadcast, these DVD releases are an opportunity to revisit old friends and relive some classic moments...
  • The Coronation Street Golden Anniversary Collection DVD Boxset is the complete Corrie anthology featuring all of the pinnacle moments of life on Britain's best loved street
  • The Stars of Coronation Street three disc DVD boxset features fifty classic characters from five 50 years of life on the most famous street on television
  • Coronation Street Best of 1960s is the ultimate collection of eighty episodes of Coronation Street and represents the cream of the crop of epsiodes between 1960 and 1969
  • Coronation Street Best Of 1970s Ten DVD Boxset - A celebration of Britain's most famous and enduring television programme, Coronation Street Years features 80 landmark episodes from...
  • Coronation Street Best Of 1980s Ten DVD Boxset - Coronation Street 1980 – 1989 ten DVD boxset contains all the tragedy and comedy soap fans have come to associate with the nation’s...
  • Coronation Street best of the 1990s features over 35 hours of the best of Coronation Street episodes from 1990 through to 1999
  • Coronation Street - The Best of 1970 DVD - A celebration of Britain's most famous and enduring television programme, this volume of Coronation Street features landmark episodes...
  • A celebration of Britain's most famous and enduring television programme, this volume of Coronation Street features landmark episodes from 1971.
  • A celebration of Britain's most famous and enduring television programme, this volume of Coronation Street features landmark episodes from 1972.
  • A celebration of Britain's most famous and enduring television programme, this volume of Coronation Street features landmark episodes from 1973.
  • A celebration of Britain's most famous and enduring television programme, this volume of Coronation Street features landmark episodes from 1974.
  • A celebration of Britain's most famous and enduring television series, this volume of Coronation Street on DVD features landmark episodes from 1975.
  • A celebration of Britain's most famous and enduring television programme, this volume of Coronation Street features landmark episodes from 1976.
  • A celebration of Britain's most famous and enduring television programme, this volume of Coronation Street features landmark episodes from 1977.
  • Coronation Street - The Best of 1978 DVD - As Britain’s favourite, and longest running soap opera, Coronation Street has cemented its place in the hearts of an adoring viewing public through its ...
  • Coronation Street - The Best of 1979 DVD - The final instalment of the Coronation Street 1970-1979 box set contains eight more classic episodes from the nations favourite soap opera ...
  • Trim and tone your body; the girls from the Coronation Street soap will show you how to dance your way to a fitter, shapelier you!
  • As Coronation Street goes from strength-to-strength, winning two consecutive BAFTA's for Best Soap, this is a fantastic insight into the making of the show and a reflection on the most memorable scenes of 2004.
  • The collection of Coronation Street episodes feature Peter Kay as a removal man in his early days as well as his most recent and much loved cameo as Eric, the punter with the hots for Shelly the barmaid!
  • In Ghost Hunting with Coronation Street, ghost hunter Yvette Fielding takes along several Corrie cast members to a spooky location for some paranormal investigations and experiments
  • In Coronation Street Romanian Holiday, we join cafe owners Roy and Hayley Cropper as they make a trip of a lifetime to Romania for a long lost friends wedding.
  • In Coronation Street Out of Africa, scheming Cilla Battersby-Brown is back, but instead of the cobbled streets of Weatherfield, Cilla is in Sun City, South Africa to pull off her latest scam
  • In Coronation Street a Knights Tale, Curly Watts and Reg Holdsworth, two of the UKs most enduring soap characters are reunited in an hilarious one off special episode
  • Coronation Street TV Series Video - A number of Coronation Street Video's featuring landmark episodes right from the beginning in 1961 through to feature length 'movies', have been released ...
  • Four Complete Episodes of Coronation Street in Black & White from 1961. The First Episode - Florrie settles into the shop. Elsie worries about Dennis' future. Linda leaves Ivan and returns ...
  • Coronation Street on Video 1962. Four Complete Episodes of Coronation Street in Black & White from 1962. Dennis' Concert - Dennis has organised a charity performance for the over 60's...
  • Coronation Street on Video 1964. Four Complete Episodes of Coronation Street in Black & White from 1964. Martha's Death - The Booths pack and leave the street. At Frank's farewell party...
  • Coronation Street on Video 1968. Four Complete Episodes of Coronation Street in Black & White from 1968. Elsie and Len - Elsie's birthday. She is locked in number 11. Len gets her to let ...
  • Coronation Street on Video 1974. Four Complete Episodes of Coronation Street in colour from 1974. Cyril's Death - Emily confesses to throwing a brick through Len's window during a riot...
  • Coronation Street on Video 1977. Four Complete Episodes of Coronation Street in colour from 1977.The Community Centre Dance - Emily refuses to go to the dance. Thelma makes a play ...
  • Coronation Street on Video 1983. Four Complete Episodes of Coronation Street in colour from 1983. Ken, Deidre, Mike - Ken can't understand why Deidre had the affair. She begs Ken to ...
  • Coronation Street on Video 1984. Four Complete Episodes of Coronation Street in colour from 1984. Elsie's Departure - Elsie is suprised when Bill tells her that he loves her and asks her to go ...
  • Coronation Street on Video 1986. Four Complete Episodes of Coronation Street in colour from 1986. The Twins' 21st - Ken throws a party for Peter and Susan. He surrounds Susan with ...
  • Coronation Street on Video 1989. Four Complete Episodes of Coronation Street in colour from 1989. Demolition - The factory is demolished. Gail rows with Ivy and Audrey over their ...
  • Coronation Street - The Early Days Video Boxset Commemorative Edition - Featuring the First 12 Episodes On Two Video Cassettes. Here for the first time ever on video are the opening episodes ...
  • Coronation Street Viva Las Vegas. Join four of your favourite CORONATION STREET characters in the entertainment capital of the world - Las Vegas!. Wedding bells are in the air for the ...
  • Coronation Street - The Women Of Coronation Street Video - Hilda Ogden is back in this official Coronation Street unique collectors edition video. In new scenes exclusively filmed for video, Hilda ...
  • Coronation Street - Through The Keyhole - Who Lives In A Street Like This? Loyd Grossman and the Through The Keyhole team are making a suprise visit to the houses of the Coronation Street ...
  • Coronation Street - The Rover Returns - This CORONATION STREET SPECIAL follows STEVE and VIKRAM as they leave Weatherfield for an illegal tobacco and booze run to Calais ...
  • Coronation Street - The Feature Length Special - Some burning questions will be answered when five of our best-loved Coronation Street characters embark upon the cruise of a lifetime ...
  • Coronation Street - Funk Fit - Trim and tone your body; the girls from the Coronation Street soap will show you how to dance your way to a fitter, shapelier you! Coronation Street Funk Fit is an ...
  • Coronation Street - Behind Closed Doors - A Fascinating Behind the Scenes Look at one of the Worlds Best Loved TV Soaps, Coronation Street. Have you ever wondered what Raquels ...
  • High Quality Coronation Street Signed Photographs or Autographed Photos of your favourite Corrie stars past and present, many with certificates of authenticity.
  • Coronation Street has spawned numerous items of merchandise, some of which have become much sort after as collectibles. Check out what is going under the hammer today on Ebay
  • Coronation Street and Cadbury Chocolate - Behind The Scenes on how a Chocolate Coronation Street Is Created and magically brought to life
  • Coronation Street and Cadbury Chocolate sponsorship of Coronation Street - How one of the biggest sponsorships in UK broadcast history came about. How a Cadbury Chocolate...
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