Who's Who On Coronation Street

Who's Who On Coronation Street

By Daran Little

Who's Who On Coronation Street This is the only book to celebrate the unique characters of Coronation Street, in a handy pocket-sized format.

Since its creation, over forty years ago, Coronation Streethas been famed for bringing some of the most distinctive characters to our television screens. Many Coronation Streetcharacters have become legends in their own right - even outside the realm of television - while others have disappeared as quickly as they arrived.

Ever struggled to remember all the different twists and turns in the many marriages of Deidre Rachid?Ever tried to recall all the escapades of the Battersby's or the Duckworth's disasters?

As the nation's favourite television programme embraces the new millennium, Who's Who on Coronation Street gives the only fully official, wholly definitive A-Z listing of all the current Street characters (including pets) and their connections.

Unravel the tangled web of relationships on Coronation Street and discover links between individuals you never knew possible, with this indispensable pocket guide to the people of Weatherfield.