Coronation Street - The Women Of Coronation Street Video

Coronation Street - The Women Of Coronation Street

Women of Coronation Street New Scenes Exclusively Filmed For Video Starring Hilda Ogden and Betty Turpin

Hilda Ogden is back in this official Coronation Street unique collectors edition video. In new scenes exclusively filmed for video, Hilda entertains Betty in her Derbyshire home. Soon, they are catching up on all the gossip and reminiscing over their favourite memories of the WOMEN OF CORONATION STREET.

Many of The Street's funniest and most dramatic moments since the programme first began are recalled and replayed.

All the unforgettable scenes featuring the legendary women, their greatest scandals, their most passionate love affairs and of course, their most sensational cat fights are included. Packed full of The Street's funniest, saddest and best loved moments ever, it's a unique and historic trip down memory lane

No other women are quite like the WOMEN OF CORONATION STREET and there's never been a video quite like this. Featuring Hilda Ogden's return, it's a unique collectors edition to cherish forever.