Coronation Street On Video 1989

Coronation Street On Video 1989

Coronation Street On Video 1989Four Complete Episodes in Colour from 1989

Demolition - The factory is demolished. Gail rows with Ivy and Audrey over their interference in her affair with Martin. Jenny and Rita are told that Alan's trial is coming up.
First Transmitted 20 September 1989

Alan's Trial - Rita is determined to give evidence against Alan. Ivy looks after mumpy Martin. Alan Bradley walks free.
First Transmitted 18 October 1989

The Tram - The McDonald's settle into number 11. The Robert's are homeless. Alec tells Alan that Rita is in Blackpool, he sets off to bring her back.
First transmitted 8 December 1989.

Christmas Eve - Derek gets locked in at work. Later, Jack and Curly see him leaving via the roof dressed as Santa Claus. Ken spends the day with Wendy. When he gets home, Deidre tells him that she knows all about his affair.
First transmitted 24 December 1989.