Coronation Street On Video 1986

Coronation Street On Video 1986

Coronation Street On Video 1986Four Complete Episodes in Colour from 1986

The Twins' 21st - Ken throws a party for Peter and Susan. He surrounds Susan with loads of young people in the hope that she will go off Mike. It doesn't work. Kevin is angry when Terry makes it clear that he is after Sally.
First Transmitted 2 April 1986

The Rovers Fire - Whilst Bet sleeps, the fuse box explodes and starts a fire. The fire men drag Bet out and she is taken to hospital joking. The brewery decide to demolish the Rovers.
First Transmitted 18 June 1986

The New Rovers - Hilda performs the opening ceremony of the new Rovers and the regulars get their first look at it. Brian has walked out on Gail. She begs him to return but he refuses.
First transmitted 13 August 1986.

The Webster's Wedding - Kevin and Sally are married at a registry office. Ken realises that he has too many winners for his bingo competition.
First transmitted 8 October 1986.