Coronation Street On Video 1984

Coronation Street On Video 1984

Coronation Street On Video 1984Four Complete Episodes in Colour from 1984

Elsie's Departure - Elsie is suprised when Bill tells her that he loves her and asks her to go to Portugal with him. She realises that there is nothing to keep her in England and packs her bags and sails off into the sunset.
First Transmitted 4 January 1984

Street Olympics - The Webster's move into number 11. The Rovers take on the Flying Horse in a street olympics. Bet and Vera are disqualified from the egg and spoon race making Hilda the winner.
First Transmitted 9 July 1984

The Wilton Jiltin' - Emily and Rita prepare Mavis for her wedding. Mavis realises that she can't marry Derek. The residents react to the jiltin'. Mavis disappears.
First transmitted 26 September 1984.

Stans Funeral - Tony tells Bet that he prefers Rita to her. The residents bury Stan. Hilda is controlled throughout the whole day. Once on her own, she breaks down completely.
First transmitted 28 November 1984