Coronation Street On Video 1983

Coronation Street On Video 1983

Coronation Street On Video 1983Four Complete Episodes in Colour from 1983

Ken, Deidre, Mike - Ken can't understand why Deidre had the affair. She begs Ken to take her back and they are reconciled. Mike is shattered when first Ken then Deidre tell him that it's over.
First Transmitted 23 February 1983

Car in Lake - Bet is trapped into going on a picnic with Fred. She drags Betty along to Fred's annoyance. The car with Bet and Betty inside, goes into the lake.
First Transmitted 27 April 1983

Ogden's 40th - Hilda and Stan celebrate their 40th with a party in the Rovers. The police arrive to tell Rita that Len has died.
First transmitted 7 December 1983.

Len's Death - The residents react to the news of Len's death. Rita is distraught and is helped by the neighbours. Sharon turns up to comfort Rita.
First transmitted 12 December 1983