Coronation Street On Video 1977

Coronation Street On Video 1977

Coronation Street On Video 1977Four Complete Episodes in Colour from 1977

The Community Centre Dance - Emily refuses to go to the dance. Thelma makes aplay for Ernie. The Ogden's lead the Valeta. Bet fights Marie when she makes a play for Mike.
First Transmitted 19 January 1977

The Fairclough's Wedding - Rita is kept going around the church in the car as Len's car has a breakdown. The Ogden's smart as they are not invited. The Ogden's arrive but the free drink has run out.
First Transmitted 20 April 1977

Jubilee - The residents prepare their float for the jubilee celebrations. Ken persuades Ena to be on the float, putting Annie's nose out of joint. The residents dress up.
First transmitted 6 June 1977

The Ogden's Second Honeymoon - Hilda and Stan set off to spend the night in a plush hotel. Hilda's dreams of a real second honeymoon are spoilt when Stan falls asleep. Deidre has been molested under the Viaduct and is depressed.
First transmitted 11 June 1977