Coronation Street On Video 1974

Coronation Street On Video 1974

Coronation Street On Video 1974Four Complete Episodes in Colour from 1974

Cyril's Death - Emily confesses to throwing a brick through Len's window during a riot in the street. Maggie is asked to break the news to Betty that Cyril is dead.
First Transmitted 20 February 1974

The Importance of Being Ernest - Hilda is rundown and on the verge of a breakdown. Mavis has a terrible time as a prop person. Mavis is confronted by a naked Billy when she walks into the men's dressing room.
First Transmitted 24 April 1974

Majorca - Deidre worries about her suntan.Mavis amuses everyone with her fella. Rita dances a Flamenco. Pedro swears undying love for Mavis. Bet stays behind to be with Martin.
First transmitted 16 October 1974

Eddie's Christmas - The Bishop's entertain their foster children. Eddie, Ena, Minnie and Albert have dinner together. Rita leads the residents in carols.
First transmitted 30 December 1974