Coronation Street On Video 1968

Coronation Street On Video 1968

Coronation Street On Video 1968Four Complete Episodes in Black & White from 1968

Elsie and Len - Elsie's birthday. She is locked in number 11. Len gets her to let him in by threatening to break the door down.
First Transmitted 4 March 1968

Dennis Marries Jenny - Dennis and Jenny both wake their households at 5am with nerves. They marry in a registry office. Jenny spends her wedding night alone on Minnie's sofa.
First Transmitted 29 May 1968

Hilda vs Elsie - Hilda accuses Elsie of being after Stan and attacks her in the street. Elsie crashes her car into Ken's. Effie moves into Number 4 and Len moves into number 9.
First transmitted 26 June 1968

Val's Ordeal - Escaped convict, Frank Riley has forced his way into number 14. Val tries to raise help by banging on the water pipes to Ena downstairs. Ena realises that something is wrong.
First transmitted 5 August 1968