Coronation Street On Video 1964

Coronation Street On Video 1964

Coronation Street On Video 1964Four Complete Episodes in Black & White from 1964

Martha's Death - The Booths pack and leave the street. At Frank's farewell party, Martha dies in the snug.
First Transmitted 13 May 1964

Emily Jilts Swindley - The residents gather in the Mission Hall to see lay preacher Leonard Swindley marry his assistant, Miss Nugent. Emily tells Jack that she can't go through with the wedding.
First Transmitted 15 July 1964

The Evacuation - The residents are evacuated to the mission basement as the army difuse a bomb in Albert's back yard. They reminise about the war and have a sing-song.
First transmitted 9 September 1964

Wrestling - The residents gather at the sporting club to see Stan 'Ogden the Terrible' wrestle Ian Campbell. Ena and Annie refuse and get drunk.
First transmitted 5 October 1964