Coronation Street On Video 1962

Coronation Street On Video 1962

Coronation Street On Video 1962Four Complete Episodes in Black & White from 1962

Dennis' Concert - Dennis has organised a charity performance for the over 60's at the Mission. Ena has refused to have anything to do with it.
First Transmitted 7 March 1962

Christine's Breakdown - Christine becomes confused and distressed over her dull lifestyle. She finds herself climbing out of the factory window onto the roof.
First Transmitted 11 June 1962

Ken marries Valerie - Valerie suprises everybody by not being nervous. Ken suffers from a hangover. Annie gets drunk at the reception.
First transmitted 1 August 1962

The Walker's Silver Wedding - Annie neglects the bar all day to prepare for the party. Jack rows with her. Elsie borrows a dress from work. Swindley drops trifle down her.
First transmitted 22 October 1962