Coronation Street - The Early Days Video Boxset

Coronation Street - The Early Days

Coronation Street - The Early Days Video BoxsetCommemorative Edition Featuring the First 12 Episodes On Two Video Cassettes

In the autumn of 1960 a young script-writer named Tony Warren sat at a typewriter and within twenty-four hours had produced the first episode of a new drama serial entitled Florizel Street.

It featured the everyday lives of a series of ordinary folk - the superior landlady, the cantankerous old dear, the retired soldier, the angry young man and the good time girl down the street.

On 9th December 1960, after a name change, the first episode was broadcast. It was an instant hit. In fact, it was so popular that the series never came off air. Over 5000 episodes after its first transmission, Coronation Street has become a national treasure. After over 40 years, it still continues to captivate more people than anything else on television.

Here for the first time ever on video are the opening episodes which first got the British television viewing public hooked.

This is a piece of history - This is Coronation Street - The Early Days