Coronation Street - The Way To Victory

Coronation Street - The Way To Victory

By Christine Green

Coronation Street The Way To VictoryIt is 1943 and, as the war grinds on, life is hard on Coronation Street.

The German bombing continues, the Yanks have been posted overseas and for Elsie Tanner the world is once again a colourless place of dreary munitions work and the restrictions of rationing. Under the disapproving eye of street matriarch Ena Sharples, Elsie sets out on a potentially disastrous search for excitement.

Elsie isn't the only one missing the men. Down the street Ida Barlow waits anxiously for news of her husband Frank while her son Kenneth grows up without a father. Annie Walker gets a new glint in her eye when discreetly pursued by the local headmaster and local girl Hilda Crebtree finds love in the blackout when she trips over a drunk Stan Ogden. Sadly, the police are also interested in her rough-edged Romeo...

Whether searching for Minnie Caldwell's ghost, or facing the threat of an unexploded bomb, the inhabitants of Coronation Street continue to fall out and make up in their own inimitable style. Full of romance, scandal and humour, Coronation Street: The Way to Victory is sure to delight you.