William Roache - Soul on the Street

William Roache - Soul on the Street - An Autobiography

William Roache - Soul on the StreetWilliam Roache has played Ken Barlow on The UK's best-loved soap opera, Coronation Street, for fifty years, making him the world's longest serving TV soap star.

As a younger actor William auditioned for a television drama which was likely to end up running for just a few weeks. Now, half a century later, he is the sole original cast member and the programmes success has established him as a household name.

During that period, William's character Ken Barlow has been married four times, twice to Deirdre, and had a number of tumultuous affairs.

Soul on the Street is a gripping autobiography that will appeal to fans of 'The Street' and is an interesting insight into the spiritual influences which have shaped this much-loved actor. It will make inspiring reading for anybody interested in personal development and self improvement.