Rovers Return Pub Quiz Book

Coronation Street - Rovers Return Pub Quiz Book

Themed and Pot Luck General Knowledge Questions Plus Exclusive Coronation Street Rounds

Rovers Return Pub Quiz BookThe Rovers Return Pub Quiz book is the only quiz book from televisions most famous pub.

  • Level One: Coronation Street
    Where did Curly propose to Emma?
  • Level Two: Movies Who's Who
    Which Richard found fame in Withnail and I?
  • Level Three: Books
    What was William Golding's follow up to Lord of the Flies?

A gigantic compendium of mind-teasing trivia, this book is packed with an astonishing 7,500 questions and answers, covering subjects as diverse as wildlife and war zones, music and the monarchy, to really test your general knowledge.

Uniquely, this book also features over 1500 questions on Coronation Street itself: from who lived where and when to questions about the famous characters and those who play them. You can even organise your own Rovers Return pub quiz using the book's answer sheet and the TV pub's own guide to holding it's quizzes.