Mike Baldwin - Mr Heartbreak

Mike Baldwin - Mr Heartbreak - My Life Before Coronation Street

Mike Baldwin with Norman Giller

Mike Baldwin - Mr Heartbreak My Life Before Coronation StreetDiscover the sensational truth about Mike Baldwin's life in this revealing biography.

Born in South London during the blackout of 1942, Mike Baldwin was a Bermondsey boy with lots of cheek but no cash. Mike came of age in the swinging sixties, graduating from conning punters on Petticoat Lane to dabbling in the music business and making a fortune in the rag trade. As Mike freely admits, he's been involved in more dodgy deals than Betty Turpin has cooked hotpots.

Oddly enough for such a tough character, Mike has always had a soft spot for the ladies. A handsome and dashing young man, his love life was usually a tangled web, and he talks candidly about all the girls he has loved and usually lost - and the one that broke his heart and almost bankrupted him.

Written with uncharacteristic honesty, Mr Heartbreak gives a unique insight into Mike Baldwins character. Love him or hate him, you'll never feel the same about Coronation Street's crafty Cockney.