40 Years Of Coronation Street

40 Years of Coronation Street

The Only Official Guide to the 40th Anniversary - By Daran Little

40 Years of Coronation StreetDaran Little's 40 Years of Coronation Street is a glorious celebration of each and every momentous year on one of the world's most famous streets. Published to coincide with the anniversary celebrations, 40 Years of Coronation Street presents, for the very first time, every single storyline ever featured in the show.

Year by Year, this book chronicles every major and minor event, linking themes and forming a complete encyclopedia of street history.Follow the lives of specific characters from their first appearance on the street to the present day - Ken Barlows ever eventful life with his variety of careers and twenty three girlfriends and three wives.

Revisit classic Coronation Street storylines - the famous Ken, Deidre and Mike love triangle.Discover the colourful history of the Street's landmarks - The Rover's Return, the corner shop or the factory.Source essential dates with complete listings of every birth, death and marriage.Learn about every character that has ever walked on the famous cobbles with a comprehensive Who's Who.Explore the house on the street with a street plan and a profile of each of the houses history and residents.