Forty Years Of Coronation Street

Forty Years Of Coronation Street

By Stephen F. Kelly and Judith Jones

Forty Years Of Coronation StreetIn December 1960 Granada Television launched a sixteen-part TV Series set in a gloomy street in Northern England that was eventually to transform British Television.

Forty years on, Coronation Street remains Britain's best loved soap opera and one of the most watched TV Programmes in the world.

Forty Years of Coronation Street is a celebration of those momentous years, with a compilation of interviews with those that have starred in the programme and worked on the show as well as with the viewers.

It includes in-depth discussions with a wide variety of people, from scriptwriters and directors to famous fans and critics, about their memories, views, and favourite characters from the show. It also provides a fascinating insight into the world of television, how Coronation Street has changed over the years, and how it remains the most popular of all soap operas.

With a wealth of interesting anecdotes and details from behind the scenes, Forty Years of Coronation Street provides an affectionate and revealing glimpse behind the curtains of Britain's best-known street.