Official Fifty Years of Coronation Street

Official Fifty Years of Coronation Street Book

Official Fifty Years of Coronation Street BookFifty Years of Coronation Street is the only official book honoring the fiftieth anniversary of Coronation Street. It is the definitive guide to five decades of daily life on the Street, which no devotee of the show would wish to be without it.

Coronation Street first appeared on British TV screens towards the end of 1960. It was an innovative show based on every day life and making use of accents, which had never been heard on British TV before. It became an immediate success, and has continued to be amongst the United Kingdom's most well liked television shows ever since.

The delight of Coronation Street is in the high quality as well as humour of its writing, and the delightful characters which have been created through the years. For the very first time, here is a book that not only reminds readers of all of the story lines during the last five decades, but also celebrates these two very special things.

The book includes profiles of fifty Coronation Street icons ranging from Ena Sharples through to David Platt. Furthermore, Tim Randall, the author, has received unprecedented access in order to include interviews with all those still with us.

Additionally, there are humorous extracts from the script as well as vintage lines remembered.