Weatherfield Yesterday - The Cartwright Murders

Coronation Street - Weatherfield Yesterday - The Cartwright Murders

By Ken Barlow with Stephen Bennett

Weatherfield Yesterday - The Cartwright MurdersWhen Ken Barlow started researching the general history of his home town, he little knew that he was about to stumble across a mystery that would grip the present day Coronation Street just as it terrorized the residents of Weatherfield over a hundred years ago.

Now he describes how he turned from his innocuous history project to discover the truth behind the notorious 'Cut Throat Cartwright Case'.

Following his reporters instincts, Ken went in pursuit of a dark and tragic story, unveiling the secrets that festered beneath the seemingly respectable Victorian facades of a number of prominent local families.

As he retraced the footsteps of villain and victim alike, Ken uncovered the hidden life of the dark satanic mills' and became entangled in a sticky web of scandal and intrigue.

Unearthing contemporary records, newspaper reports and memoirs, Ken has put together the full, in-depth account of this murky tale. Wickedly entertaining, Weatherfield Yesterday - The Cartwright Murders is sure to appeal to all Coronation Street fans.