Build Your Own Rovers Return

Coronation Street - Build At Home Rovers Return

Made from Real Clay Bricks, Wooden Doors and Window Frames

Build At Home Rovers Return

Introducing the Rovers Return model from the nations most popular TV Series - Coronation Street.
Made entirely from Real Clay Bricks (approx size 1 x 0.5 x 0.5 cm), wooden doors and window frames this is the only way to 'build' your own Rovers Return!

This popular adult model kit is made from all natural products: the bricks and tiles are made from oven-baked clay, plus wooden doors and window frames. Aimed at older children and adults, this kit will provide many hours of enjoyment.

Included are a base board, card template, bricks, tiles, cement paints, dyes, the Coronation Street sign and the Rovers Return pub sign.

Approx model height 18 cm. Building time up to 60 hours.