Coronation Street At War

Coronation Street At War

By Daran Little

Coronation Street At War NovelIt is September 1939 and into Coronation Street walks the sixteen-year-old Elsie Tanner, just married, pregnant, optimistic for the future in her more affluent new surroundings.

Within hours war is announced and within days her husband is enlisted. Elsie is left to face her neighbours alone. Snotty Annie Walker, shy Esther Hayes, cocky Jim Todd and the sturdy upholder of moral values, Ena Sharples.

This is the time of hairnets, Lucky Strikes, doodlebugs and GIs. With their menfolk overseas, Coronation Street's women make do. Favourite characters are shown in a new light as everyone rallies round for Ken Barlow's impromptu birth. But how will Annie Walker cope running the Rovers Return without Jack? Will Ena Sharples antagonise everyone in the Street? And will Elsie find love?

Funny, heartbreaking and fast-paced, this first Coronation Street novel is rich with familiar voices and a wonderful insight into Weatherfield life before television cameras even reached it. It is as addictive as the television drama always has been.