Coronation Street At War (2002)

Coronation Street At War (2002)

By Daran Little

Coronation Street At WarCoronation Street at War is a highly charged and entertaining historical novel, which tells the story of the enduring resilience of the plucky residents of Weatherfield. Daran Little has turned his researching skills to uncovering a Coronation Street which existed before the TV cameras and which provides a colourful picture of many of the much loved soap's original cast.

In Coronation Street at War, it is September 1939 and sixteeen-year-old Elsie Tanner walks into Coronation Street. Newly married, pregnant, and optimistic, she has little idea of the difficult times that lie ahead. But, within days, her husband has enlisted, leaving Elsie to face the neighbours alone.

  • Snotty Annie Walker
  • Shy Esther Hayes
  • Cocky Jim Todd
  • That sturdy upholder of moral values, Ena Sharples.

With their menfolk posted overseas, the women of Coronation Street are forced to make do, braving the German bombs and supporting each other through the tragedies of war.