50 Years of Coronation Street Unofficial Story

The Very Unofficial 50 Years of Coronation Street Book

The Very Unofficial 50 Years of Coronation Street Book by Sean EganCoronation Street has continued to be a huge hit with TV audiences since it was first broadcast back in December 1960.

In this extensive account, acclaimed author and scriptwriter Sean Egan takes us on a journey down the cobbled streets of Corrie's memory lane.

Covering moving marriages, memorable deaths, legendary story lines as well as the Street's many well-known residents. From the much loved characters such as Hilda and Stan Ogden, Emily Bishop, Rita Sullivan, Kevin and Sally Webster right through to the feared like Ena Sharples, Annie Walker, Mike Baldwin and Gary Windass, this guide is an absolute must have for just about any true soap fan.

Sean Egan also puts Corrie into context by exploring how the show inspired the creation of a whole Television soap industry ranging from EastEnders through to Hollyoaks.

  • Discover how its many revamps mirrored the changes in working class aspiration from loos to stone cladding
  • Find out why several programmes sharing the same time-slot died while others, such as Blake’s 7 flourished
  • How the fans and stars reacted to the ever-increasing frequency of broadcasts.

From Ken and Deirdre's marriage, Mike Baldwin's Alzheimer's-related death and Deirdre s wrongful imprisonment, to off set intrigues.

  • Were you aware that in real life, Ken Barlow is a druid?
  • How about Lynne Perrie's wildly inappropriate collagen implants, that saw her character Ivy Brennan, written out of the show.

The unofficial 50 years of Coronation Street book is a fascinating compendium of behind-the-scenes stories for Coronation Street's many fans.