Ballykissangel Video - Volume 3 - NTSC


Ballykissangel Video Volume Three

Ballykissangel Volume Three Video - NTSC Version

Episodes 5 and 6 of Series One of Ballykissangel

  • Episodes 5 and 6 of Ballykissangel
  • NTSC Video Format - For USA and Canada
  • In the fifth episode of the series, The Power and The Glory, Brian Quigley decides to run in the local election against the aspiring crematorium-builder, Sean Dooley. However, when a journalist and old boyfriend of Assumpta arrives in Ballykissangel and starts digging around, all sorts of trouble ensues.
  • In the sixth and final episode of Series One, Missing You Already, Father Peter finds out that he is to be sent back to England. Meanwhile, Brian Quigley is busy organising a local festival complete with his own bar and grill which doesn't go down well with Assumpta as Fitzgeralds is likely to lose a lot of business. Niamh and Ambrose finally make it down the aisle.
  • VHS NTSC Video Cassette - Closed Captioned NTSC Colour
  • Running Time - 105 minutes
  • Release - 19 July 2000