Ballykissangel Video - Volume Two - NTSC


Ballykissangel Video Volume Two

Ballykissangel Volume Two Video - NTSC Version

Episodes 3 and 4 of Series One of Ballykissangel

  • Episodes 3 and 4 of Ballykissangel
  • NTSC Video Format - For USA and Canada
  • In the third episode of the series, Live In My Heart And Pay No Rent, Niamh is set to marry Ambrose but when a statue of John The Evangelist falls from the church onto Ambrose's car, it causes Ambrose to re evaluate his calling in life and promptly puts his wedding to Niamh in jeopardy
  • The forth episode, Fallen Angel, finds a new pirate radio station hitting the air waves in Ballykissangel. The DJ broadcasts all sorts of hip music, local gossip and even knows that it is Father Peter's birthday even though he hadn't let on to his congregation. Hearing this, Assumpta thinks up a suitable birthday present for Father Peter
  • VHS NTSC Video Cassette - Closed Captioned NTSC Colour
  • Running Time - 107 minutes
  • Release - 27 April 1999