Ballykissangel Video - Volume One - NTSC


Ballykissangel Video Volume One

Ballykissangel Volume One Video - NTSC Version

The first two episodes of Series One of Ballykissangel

  • The first two Episodes of Ballykissangel
  • NTSC Video Format - For USA and Canada
  • In the first episode of the series, Trying to Connect You, Father Peter Clifford arrives in Wicklow and the small village of Ballykissangel. The first person that he meets is the feisty landlady of the village pub, Assumpta Fitzgerald. She has little time for the clergy or the English but soon finds out that Father Clifford is both! And then there is the matter of the air conditioned confessional box complete with fax machine, sliding doors and soundproofing.
  • The second episode, The Things We Do for Love, finds a beautiful woman from Father Clifford's past arriving in Ballykissangel. Meanwhile, the local football match is gearing up and takes on even more importance than normal as Father Clifford and Assumpta team up to save a family from being evicted.
  • VHS NTSC Video Cassette - Closed Captioned NTSC Colour
  • Running Time - 105 minutes
  • Release - 27 April 1999