Ballykissangel - Complete Series Five DVD Boxset


Ballykissangel - Series Five DVD Boxset

Ballykissangel - Complete Series Five 3 DVD Boxset

Complete Series Five DVD Boxset

Ballykissangel - 3 DVD Boxset Featuring all twelve episodes from Series Five

  • Episode 5-1: Two Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
    Has Quigley got what it takes to save the village's reputation? Niamh has her own set of worries.
  • Episode 5-2: Hello and Farewell
    The village mourns the loss of a hero, while Orla might have met a hero of her own.
  • Episode 5-3: Catch of the Day
    Niamh makes an important decision about her future, while Orla and Conor go on their first date.
  • Episode 5-4: Moving Out
    Emma has had enough of her father's strange behaviour towards Niamh, but what will Ballykissangel's gossips think of her moving in with Danny?
  • Episode 5-5: Eureka
    When Ambrose's mother Imelda pays a visit, Niamh can't do anything to please her. The lure of an Australian gold mine leads Quigley into a race against time.
  • Episode 5-6: Behind Bars
    Quigley bids farewell to Niamh and discovers that the new landlord of the pub is an enemy from the past.
  • Episode 5-7: Brendan's Crossing
    When the headmaster's job becomes available, Brendan feels that it's time to improve himself.
  • Episode 5-8: A Few Dollars More
    Dooley and Minto arrange a supply of illegal liquor, but are they really away from watchful eyes?
  • Epsiode 5-9: The Outsiders
    Frankie finds her own brand of justice for Dooley.
  • Episode 5-10: With a Song in My Heart
    Plans for the choir are not going well until a girl enchants Aidan with her voice.
  • Episode 5-11: Loves Labours
    When Frankie and Aidan join forces for a wet day out, Aidan's reputation as a priest is compromised. Liam and Donal are the first to hear a big announcement from Niamh and Dillon.
  • Episode 5-12: The Wedding
    Minto seizes his chance to give Dillon a stag party that he will never forget.
  • Running Time - 568 minutes
  • Video Aspect - 4:3 Full Screen
  • Audio Soundtrack - English - Dolby Digital Stereo
  • No.of of Discs - Three