Ballykissangel - Complete Series Four DVD Boxset


Ballykissangel - Series Four DVD Boxset

Ballykissangel - Complete Series Four - 3 DVD Boxset

Complete Series Four DVD Boxset

Ballykissangel - 3 DVD Boxset Featuring all twelve episodes from Series Four

  • Episode 4-1: All Bar One
    Niamh is suspicious of her father's attempts to buy Fitzgerald's. Her terms are that she should have complete control of the business. Meanwhile, the residents of BallyK await the arrival of the new priest while his sister out looking for him, and a bad penny from the past turns up again.
  • Episode 4-2: He Healeth The Sick
    Father Aidan inadvertently performs a 'miracle' on a bed-ridden woman. Siobhan devotes her time to caring for a pregnant, injured vixen, brought in by Sean Dillon, who Eammon suspects of breeding foxes to kill his sheep. Niamh quits her job after Brian insists they change the name of the pub.
  • Episode 4-3: Bread and Water
    Brendan is less than keen on Siobhan's chosen method of childbirth. Sean Dillon's teenage daughter arrives in the village and immediately cause an uproar. Father Aidan gets a crash course in monetary realities.
  • Episode 4-4: Par for the Course
    Brian's dreams of the perfect golf course get an unexpected boost when Orla ropes in a difficult contact who may need buttering up. Father Aidan enjoys his first baptism after a tricky start when Brendan refuses to attend. A mysterious horseman causes a stir.
  • Episode 4-5: The Odd Couple
    Donal's rescue of a former circus bear proves to be more than he can handle. Kevin secretly helps Sean Dillon to restore an old motorbike, but is soon found out. Brendan is finding life as an absent parent something of a strain.
  • Episode 4-6: Turf
    There's great excitement as everyone prepares for the annual horse race on the beach. But Doc Ryan's traditional victory is threatened by the appearance of a mystery horse.
  • Episode 4-7: It's a Family Affair
    The opening of Brian's golf club doesn't go according to plan. Danny's horse causes problems for Emma. Orla reveals her choice among the men of Ballykissangel.
  • Episode 4-8: Rock Bottom
    An ancient carving is discovered on Dillon's farm. Deserted by his son and unlucky in love, Padraig reaches an all time low and turns again to drink. His friends must help him get back on his feet. A satellite dish is installed at Fitzgerald's but instead of showing the football, an Argentine soap opera gets the regulars hooked.
  • Episode 4-9: As Stars Look Down
    His former curate, Henry, who is now a bishop and will soon be promoted to the Vatican, visits Father Mac. Father Aidan has to take over in the role of bingo caller for the OAP bingo night, which is a formula for disaster.
  • Episode 4-10: Births, Deaths and Marriages
    Siobhan and Brendan decide to get married in secret, but word gets out and Niamh organizes a surprise wedding reception - which doesn't go according to plan. Ambrose and Father Aidan have a night out bowling and get chatted up by the girls.
  • Episode 4-11: It's a Man's Life
    Niamh leaves Ambrose holding the baby after a row. Quigley proves to be an excellent babysitter for Kieran and a good ear for Ambrose. Kathleen meets a visitor from her past - an old boyfriend. Donal comes up elaborate schemes to recover golf balls from a lake on the course.
  • Episode 4-12: The Final Frontier
    There's a storm brewing over the village and the animals are restless. The strange happenings attract a UFO hunter, Uncle Minto, who recruits Liam and Donal in a plan to get himself abducted by aliens. Ambrose is furious with Dillon and goes to confront him. The storm hits and Dillon's farm is badly damaged.
  • Running Time - 570 minutes
  • Video Aspect - 16:9
  • Audio Soundtrack - English - Dolby Digital Stereo
  • No.of of Discs - Three