Ballykissangel  Series Three NTSC Region 1 DVD Boxset


Ballykissangel - Series Three DVD Boxset

Ballykissangel Series Three Region 1 NTSC DVD Boxset

Complete Series Three DVD Boxset

Ballykissangel - 3 DVD Boxset Featuring all eleven episodes from Series Three Plus 1997 Christmas Special

Region 1 NTSC Format For USA and Canada

Life is a challenge for any priest in a small mountain town and Father Peter Clifford struggles to save his parishioners' souls without falling himself...for the local barkeep, Assumpta Fitzgerald.

  • 1997 Christmas Special - As Happy as a Turkey on Boxing Day
    Christmas doesn't go quite as planned for the residents of Ballykissangel. Assumpta decides to close the pub for the day, much to the disgust of her regulars. Father Clifford looks like spending Christmas on his own, until he's enlisted to look after a new priest, Father Mac's nephew.
  • Episode 3-1: When a Child Is Born
    The prospect of Niamh's impending labour is too much for Ambrose, while Ambrose's mother is too much for Niamh. The church becomes the center of worshiping throngs when a statue starts sweating. Donal gets himself a girlfriend.
  • Episode 3-2: Changing Time
    Quigley's new development plans cause uproar in the village when they discover the effects his new access road will have on the local wildlife. Ambrose is injured in the course of duty, leaving Niamh to cope with Kieran on her own.
  • Episode 3-3: Stardust In Your Eyes
    Quigley prepares to make a killing from the visiting Koreans, but he has staked all his worldy holdings on the development going forward. To try to curry favor with the visiting tycoons, Padraig hosts a 50s party.
  • Episode 3-4: The Fortune In Men's Eyes
    Peter's absence gives Father Mac the idea that he doesn't need a curate, but the community feels differently. Quigley's business deal seems to have fallen through, then he takes an unusual interest in Ambrose's mother. Donal is shocked by news about Sue Ellen. (19)
  • Episode 3-5: I Know When I'm Not Wanted
    Peter returns from retreat to find himself homeless, while Assumpta startles the village with news about an old friend. Ambrose is on the trail of a burglar and the community pulls together to beat a rival pub quiz team.
  • Episode 3-6: Personal Call
    Assumpta's women's group causes problems in the village. Peter has to step in to help Father Mac, whose pride has got the better of him. Niamh offers to help her father, but he is suspicious of her terms.
  • Episode 3-7: Lost Sheep
    A young woman searching for her sister causes problems for Father Mac. Siobhan has some shocking news for Brendan and one of Eamonn's sheep has gone AWOL.
  • Episode 3-8: The Waiting Game
    Lottery fever hits the village and the materialism makes everyone suspicious of each other. Father Mac is appalled by the behaviour of his bosses and Ambrose secures a major arrest.
  • Episode 3-9: Pack Up Your Troubles
    Quigley's new business venture gets the community up in arms. A figure from Padraig's past puts him under enormous pressure and Kevin has a big decision to make.
  • Episode 3-10: The Reckoning
    Peter has a lot on his mind and it forces him to face some facts. Assumpta has discovered that the wiring at Fitzgeralds is faulty. The Oriental Food Fair at the pub takes a tragic turn.
  • Episode 3-11: Amongst Friends
    The village is still in shock and it's up to Peter to hold them together. He is annoyed when a journalist gets nosy and a face from Assumpta's past comes looking for answers
  • Format - Region 1 NTSC Closed Captioned Colour
  • Running Time - 600 minutes
  • Audio Soundtrack - English - Dolby Digital Stereo
  • Video Aspect - 1.33:1
  • No.of of Discs - Three