Ballykissangel  Series One & Two NTSC Region 1 DVD Boxset


Ballykissangel - Series One & Two DVD Boxset

Ballykissangel Series One and Two Region 1 NTSC DVD Boxset


  • On The Ballykissangel Trail - Making Of Feature
  • Ballykissangel Behind The Scenes
  • Summer Holiday in Ballykissangel

Ballykissangel - 4 DVD Boxset Featuring all fourteen episodes from Series One and Two Plus - On The Ballykissangel Trail - Making Of Feature, Ballykissangel Behind The Scenes and Summer Holiday in Avoca aka Ballykissangel

Region 1 NTSC Format For USA and Canada

Life is a challenge for any priest in a small mountain town, and Father Peter Clifford has just arrived in the Irish village of Ballykissangel from Manchester with high expectations and no driver's licence!

Ballykissangel Series One DVD

  • Episode 1-1: Trying to Connect You
    A local businessman has given the parish the world's most up-to-date confessional, but Father Peter is still helplessly behind the times in the transportation department. He finds himself at the mercy of beautiful bartender Assumpta Fitzgerald, who owns a car but loathes organised religion.
  • Episode 1-2: The Things We Do For Love
    A mysterious woman from Peter's past causes quite a stir, distracting him as he fights to keep a young family from losing their home.
  • Episode 1-3: Live in My Heart and Pay No Rent
    Hit on the head by a falling bust of St. John, Officer Ambrose Egan finds himself called to the priesthood, abandoning his beloved Niamh.
  • Episode 1-4: Fallen Angel
    Ballykissangel's first pirate radio station provides the soundtrack as Peter prepares for his driving test and learns of a parishioners long-ago crime.
  • Episode 1-5: The Power and the Glory
    Following the death of a local representative to Parliament, Quigley campaigns vigorously against an equally unscrupulous opponent.
  • Episode 1-6: Missing You Already
    Assumpta finds it hard to join in the fun of a local festival that threatens to put her out of business, especially when she learns that Father Clifford may be sent to England.

Additional Features

  • On the Ballykissangel Trail - Making of Feature (60 mins.)
  • Ballykissangel - Behind the Scenes (20 mins)
  • Summer Holiday in Avoca aka Ballykissangel - Tour of the Town
  • Format - Region 1 NTSC Closed Captioned Colour
  • Running Time - 300 minutes
  • Audio Soundtrack - English - Dolby Digital Stereo
  • Video Aspect - 1.33:1
  • No.of of Discs - Two

Ballykissangel Series Two DVD

  • Episode 2-1: For One Night Only
    When Father Peter is "won" by Assumpta in a charity slave auction, some eyebrows are raised, but when he is cast as her love interest in the town play, Father MacAnally puts his foot down.
  • Episode 2-2: River Dance
    The town is up in arms and Peter is outraged, when a beloved local teacher loses his job.
  • Episode 2-3: In The Can
    Former one-hit wonder Enda Sullivan takes Assumpta out on a date and Peter recruits him to play at a Gospel Mass. Meanwhile, Brian Quigley directs a Ballykissangel tourist film.
  • Episode 2-4: The Facts Of Life
    When Peter finds an abandoned newborn on his doorstep, he makes it his mission to find the child's mother and reunite her family.
  • Episode 2-5: Someone To Watch Over Me
    Brian Quigley's new housekeeper is entirely too attractive and flirtatious for her own good... or Brian's!
  • Episode 2-6: Only Skin Deep
    It's festival time and Brian Quigley thinks he's backed a winner in the town beauty contest. Siobhan does some detective work while Peter and Ambrose try to reform a young delinquent.
  • Episode 2-7: Money, Money, Money
    When a fire guts Kathleen's house, the villagers unite to help her rebuild. All they need is a sure thing at the racetrack to help them afford it.
  • Episode 2-8: Chinese Whispers
    Two strangers cause chaos when a rumour spreads that they are from the revenue service.
  • Format - Region 1 NTSC Closed Captioned Colour
  • Running Time - 400 minutes
  • Audio Soundtrack - English - Dolby Digital Stereo
  • Video Aspect - 1.33:1
  • No.of of Discs - Two