Ballykissangel Soundtrack Cassette


Ballykissangel Soundtrack Cassette Tape

Ballykissangel Soundtrack Cassette

Original Music From Ballykissangel
Composed By Shaun Davey

The Music of Ballykissangel (derived from the BBC TV Series) spans two years during which, Shaun Davey, as composer for the series had a ball.

For one thing, he lived in the middle of County Wicklow where the series is filmed and Wicklow is such a beautiful place in which to compose music. It is a place where life is lived to the full, where people combine staunch rural independance with an awareness that a European capital city is just a short distance over the mountains.

This provides the basis for the character of the music; lively, pastoral, traditional but with an awareness of contemporary rhythms and cadence. The music is also invariably inspired by the script and by the performances of the cast of Ballykissangel. It's journey is their journey... Shaun Davey

Tracks on Cassette

Side One

  • The Ballykissangel Theme
  • Siobhan And Brendan
  • Maura's Confession
  • Peters Parish
  • The Earthmovers
  • Dogs and Poker
  • Death of Mountainy Man
  • Graves and Terminators

Side Two

  • Tripe Casserole
  • Niamh and Ambrose
  • Jenny's Farewell
  • Our Lady of Bonanza
  • The Yellow Bus Crusade
  • Quigley's Rosary
  • Peter and Assumpta
  • The Rolling Packing Case