Ballykissangel - A Sense Of Place


Ballykissangel - A Sense Of Place

Ballykissangel - A Sense of Place book by Hugh Miller

By Hugh Miller

As ever, life in the rural Irish town of Ballykissangel is anything but humdrum.

Peter Clifford, the English curate posted there, is settling in to the community and finding his feet among the colourful cast of locals whose antics never cease to amaze him.

Wheeler-dealer Brian Quigley is rigging a beauty contest. There's a spate of gold prospecting watched over by a Blessed Virgin with an electric heart. A young widow is in Quigley's sauna with an ageing cleric, and two strangers are putting the fear of god into the whole town...

Here again are the characters who delighted readers of Ballykissangel The New Arrival. There are newcomers, too: fading rock star Enda Sullivan has designs on Assumpta Fitzgerald; Con O'Neill's just a tearaway until he handles Guard Egans violin - and who's the sexy brunette living with ancient hill farmer Eamonn Byrne?

Life in Ballykissangel continues at a cracking pace - and Father Mac, the parish priest, disapproves as much as ever.