Ballykissangel - The New Arrival


Ballykissangel - The New Arrival

Ballykissangel - The New Arrival Book by Hugh Miller

By Hugh Miller

Father Peter Clifford's arrival in the rural Irish town of Ballykissangel comes as something of a shock both to him and the local residents.

It's by no means the sleepy backwater he was expecting - and the locals don't find their new priest half a ridiculous as they'd have liked.

Can an Englishman ever really fit in in Ballykissangel?

The locals comprise a host of memorable characters.

There's entrepreneur and wheeler dealer Brian Quigley who has just installed an automated confessional - complete with fax machine - in the church and Niamh, his daughter, who rather suprisingly looks to father Peter for advice on premarital sex.

And there's Father Mac, the parish priest, who is fond of a drink but rather less fond of English clergy, as well as the beautiful, fiery and fiercely anti-clerical Assumpta Fitzgerald in whom Father Peter finds a very attractive sparring partner...

Paperback Edition

244 Pages