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Ballykissangel from the stunning Vale of Avoca in County Wicklow Ireland

When Father Peter Clifford (Stephen Tompkinson) comes from Manchester to the small Irish village of Ballykissangel, he knows he will be facing some opposition. After all, what is an English priest doing in Ireland.

He soon finds out that the town of Ballykissangel poses many more challenges than just accepting the unfamiliar priest.

The delightfully mischievous cast of characters include Brian Quigley, the local businessman and entrepreneur, Donal and Liam, his faithful sidekicks and the tough owner of Fitzgerald's Bar, Assumpta. As the characters become more familiar throughout the series, their tribulations and triumphs are all the more realistic.

The show's other star is of course its setting - the stunning Vale of Avoca in County Wicklow.

Although not covering the whole six series of Ballykissangel, the following video's were released covering Series One.

Welcome to Ballykissangel PAL Video

Welcome To Ballykissangel

The first three episodes of Ballykissangel Series One plus over 25 minutes of 'Behind the Scenes Interviews' with the stars and production team...more info

Ballykissangel Fallen Angel Video

Ballykissangel Fallen Angel

The last three episodes of Series One...more info

On The Ballykissangel Trail Video

On The Ballykissangel Trail
VHS PAL and NTSC Video

A comprehensive documentary about the making of an International TV phenomenon, featuring on set footage, a tour of Ballykissangel and interviews with the stars and fans. Available in VHS PAL and VHS NTSC (USA & Canada)...more info

Ballykissangel Video - Series One First Two Episode

Ballykissangel - Volume One

The NTSC (USA & Canada) release of Ballykissangel on video Volume One features the first two episodes - 'Trying To Connect You' and 'The Things We Do For Love'...more info

Ballykissangel Video Volume 2 - Series One Episodes 3 and 4

Ballykissangel - Volume Two

The second NTSC (USA & Canada) release of Ballykissangel on video features Episodes 3 and 4 from Series One- 'Live In My Heart and Pay No Rent' and 'Fallen Angel'...more info

Ballykissangel Video Volume 3 - Series One Episodes 5 and 6

Ballykissangel - Volume Three

This third and last NTSC (USA & Canada) release of Ballykissangel on video features Episodes 5 and 6 from Series One- 'The Power and the Glory' and 'Missing You Already'...more info