Eastenders Who's Who - The Ultimate Guide to Who's Who in EastEnders


Eastenders Who's Who - The Ultimate Guide to Who's Who in EastEnders

Eastenders Who's Who - The Ultimate Guide to Who's Who in EastendersWhen you watch EastEnders, are you plagued by nagging questions about Albert Square and it's residents?

  • When did the Jackson's first move to Albert Square?
  • Who was Pat married to before Roy and what happened to her sons?
  • Where is Angie.

If your memory of characters and the events of years gone by is getting hazy or if you are a newcomer to EastEnders who finds it all a bit confusing, then you need this book.

Published to tie-in with the 15th anniversary celebrations of the UK's favourite soap, the EastEnders Who's Who is the ultimate guide to it's characters, past and present, that will fill you in on the major events of their lives and unravel the tangled web of their relationships

Contents Include: 'Families', 'Significant Others' and 'Blasts from the Past'. There is also an EastEnders map indicating where current characters live and work.

  • Author - Kate Lock
  • Card Cover - 195mm x 210mm
  • 128 Pages
  • Full Colour Throughout

Who's Who in Eastenders Who's Who in Eastenders

List Price: £9.99
Sale Price: £76.92


Who's Who In EastEnders is a timely companion volume to the much loved BBC soap currently celebrating 15 years on our screens. Ostensibly a reference book, albeit a bright and colourful one, Who's Who is aimed at fans of Albert Square who have followed a variety of characters over the years. Within a chunky 9" square paperback format, chapters trace the history of the East End dynasties of Beales and Fowlers, Mitchells, Butchers, Di Marcos and more. The lives of all major characters--within the square and onto fictional futures beyond--are condensed into biographies of just a few easy-to-read paragraphs. Sheer volume of information coupled with limited space prevents the author from delving deep into the psyches of her fictional subjects as she did in previous books Tiffany's Secret Diary, Bianca's Secret Diary and EastEnders--Blood Ties: the Life and Loves of Grant Mitchell, but her wide brush strokes nevertheless reveal a plethora of inter-family relationships, loves and grudges long held over the years. A map of Albert Square, complete with current residents' house numbers, and a section devoted to the pets of E20 complete the volume, so if you are brushing up your Eastenders trivia--for fun or for pub quiz prizes--you need never be lost for an answer again. --Helen Lamont