EastEnders Annual 2009


EastEnders Annual 2009

EastEnders Annual 2009

Totally based in the fictional world of Walford, the EastEnders Annual 2009 takes a sparky, news magazine style approach to the Square, concentrating much less on the public service remit and much more on Roxy’s cocktail recipes.

Packed with exclusive features, the book takes a detailed look at key themes, like infidelity and doomed romances. On top of that, there is an exclusive report on the Square's Pyscho Women, including May, Clare and Stella, followed by a study on the Pyscho Teens as well.

A death map of Walford remembers the dearly departed, with a symbol showing murder, car crash or natural causes.

After that you will find a complete help guide to organizing an EastEnders party which includes a recipe for Ian Beale’s vol-au-vents. There are even several creative tips for using knock off Christmas decorations that will provide you with the secrets of social success for the festive period.

There is a liberal scattering of entertaining quizzes and games, including the 'Queen Vic Challenge', a riotous board game for all the family, plus a rivetting personality test to match you up with your perfect EastEnders date.

More lively than karaoke night at the Queen Vic with even more gossip than Dot, this wonderful new annual is a must have for EastEnders fans everywhere.

Eastenders Annual 2009 Eastenders Annual 2009

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