Coronation Street - The Best of 1973 DVD

Coronation Street - The Best of 1973 DVD

Coronation Street - The Best Of 1973 DVDEight Original Episodes of Coronation Street From 1973

A celebration of Britain's most famous and enduring television programme, this volume of Coronation Street features landmark episodes from 1973. With many episodes unseen since their original broadcast this release is an opportunity to revisit old friends and re-live some classic moments.

Coronation Street 1973 DVD Episodes

  • Episode 1: Alf tells Maggie he's been chosen as the next Mayor, he asks her to be his Mayoress. At the party, Len toasts Alf and Alf announces he has chosen Len as his Deputy Mayor. Alan nearly burns the house down whilst drunk.
  • Episode 2: Hilda substitutes lemon jelly for aspic over eggs, and dons false eyelashes to meet her guests. She is chatted up by Ted, to her delight, and they tango. As the partygoers couple off, someone enters the Ogden's bedroom.
  • Episode 3: With Stan in the Rovers, Elsie keeps watch as Norma investigates No.13. She finds it in a filthy state and they decide to call in the Health Inspectors. Emily has to photograph the strippers and forms friendships with them.
  • Episode 4: Len tells Ray the shop is now his - he has brought it for 3,000 and he's got Rita running it. Deirdre can be her assistant. Ena finds an old friend working in Woburn who introduces them all to the Duke.
  • Episode 5: The shop is named 'The Kabin' and is now open for business. Mavis goes for an interview there, but she loses her nerve and runs out. Despite this, Rita gives Mavis the job. Rita is puzzled by men asking for the Pig Producers Monthly.
  • Episode 6: Ray demands Stan's fifty pence stake money before giving him 5 compensation - the residents feel Ray is a rat. Elsie feels guilty about Stan and gives him 5. The Ogdens find Bet bleeding and unconscious in the street.
  • Episode 7: Rita throws Hilda out of The Kabin for spreading rumours about Elsie. Alan worries as Elsie refuses to leave No.11 in fear of the neighbours. Emily is master of ceremonies at the cabaret, with acts including Rita singing as Danny La Rue in drag and Norma impersonating Ken Dodd.
  • Episode 8: Albert tells Ken he's ashamed and hurt by him, but Ken refuses to marry another Val to please Albert. At the pool, the residents cheer for Mavis but she nearly collapses after 18 lengths.
  • Format: Region 2 PAL Format Colour
  • Running Time: 200 minutes
  • Video Aspect: 4:3 Full Screen
  • Audio Soundtrack: English - Dolby Digital Mono
Coronation Street [DVD] [1973] Coronation Street [DVD] [1973]

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