Coronation Street - The Best of 1971 DVD

Coronation Street - The Best of 1971 DVD

Coronation Street - The Best of 1971 DVDEight Original Episodes of Coronation Street From 1971

A celebration of Britain's most famous and enduring television programme, this volume of Coronation Street features landmark episodes from 1971. With many episodes unseen since their original broadcast this release is an opportunity to revisit old friends and re-live some classic moments.

Coronation Street 1971 DVD Episodes

  • Episode 1: Annie agrees to lay on a farewell party for the Barlows and the residents gather at the Rovers to bid farewell to them. Val tries to mend a plug and electrocutes herself, setting the room ablaze by knocking an electric fire into a packing case.
  • Episode 2: Irma tells Ray to own up but he's worried about the police. Meanwhile, Ray offers Stan his old job back at the Yard, which he takes but Hilda is angry when she discovers it'll mean a 20% cut in wages.
  • Episode 3: Emily feels she can't go on working with Ernie and applies for a job at the Warehouse. Ray takes Irma to a business lunch with Mel, where they pretend Irma is French for a laugh. They are shocked when Mel introduces them to his girlfriend who really is French.
  • Episode 4: The day has come and the judges arrive: Annie on cakes, Emily on wines, Alf on beer, George on flowers and veg. Unfortunately, Minnie gets drunk helping Alf test the beer and Emily gets drunk on the wine.
  • Episode 5: Emily and Ernie decide they're going to get married and Annie breaks open the sherry to toast Ernie and Emily. To his horror, Ernie discovers he has lost the engagement ring. The Ogdens have a colour television delivered.
  • Episode 6: Annie and Ernie celebrate their birthdays. Stan gives Ernie the ring back and, while Emily gives Ernie cuff-links for his birthday, he gives her the ring. The Ogdens' new colour television is repossessed.
  • Episode 7: Stan locks himself in No. 13 in an attempt to finish the hatch before Hilda returns. Dave wants to pay for a treat to take Minnie to Blackpool on her birthday but Ena refuses to go with her on Dave's money. Minnie calls Ena a bigot and decides to go to Blackpool on her own.
  • Episode 8: Emily is very upset when Ernie's shop-front is smashed by hooligans. Ray organises a go-go evening at the Rovers in Annie's absence and Lucille and Bet go-go for the regulars. Stan tells Hilda they should pay Dave back and is haunted by the 500.
  • Format: Region 2 PAL Format Colour
  • Running Time: 200 minutes
  • Video Aspect: 4:3 Full Screen
  • Audio Soundtrack: English - Dolby Digital Mono
Coronation Street - 1971 [DVD] Coronation Street - 1971 [DVD]

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