Coronation Street - The Best of 1970 DVD

Coronation Street - The Best of 1970 DVD

Coronation Street - The Best of 1970 DVDEight Original Episodes of Coronation Street From 1970

A celebration of Britain's most famous and enduring television programme, this volume of Coronation Street features landmark episodes from 1970. With many episodes unseen since their original broadcast this release is an opportunity to revisit old friends and re-live some classic moments.

Coronation Street 1970 DVD Episodes

  • Episode 1: Ena and Minnie ask Cyril to help get Albert out of his house but they didn't realise that he would do it by breaking into the place! Bill tells Elsie that Phyllis is dead and he is buying a bar in Portugal. He asks her to marry him.
  • Episode 2: Ken gets very keen about buying the salon, but there's a catch - he needs to put down 400 down as a deposit. Stan makes the big mistake of telling Ena that her songs aren't up to scratch and she gets her own back by giving him another one.
  • Episode 3: There is tension in the Flemming household when Ray turns up. Ray and Sandra set the date for their wedding and Audrey begs Ray not to giver her up but he stands firm. She weakens him and they kiss, witnessed by Maggie.
  • Episode 4: Hilda is ashamed that Irma is going out with one of Elsie's cast-offs and then has an argument with Annie about her talking about her and Stan behind their backs. Stan wants to warn Dave off but he can't as he owes Dave 600 and Dave holds the deeds to the house.
  • Episode 5: Elsie asks the Barlows to be witnesses but they can't. Nevertheless, she and Alan marry and the residents throw a surprise party for the Howards before they honeymoon in Paris. Irma and Bet move into the shop flat and Ray tells Len that Alan owes them 350.
  • Episode 6: Ken phones Val and tells her he's had a letter warning him about her and Ray. Ernie tells Emily the Mission people are talking about her working in the Rovers, so Emily tells Annie she won't work in the bar anymore. A drunken Joe tells Irma how he killed Steve Tanner.
  • Episode 7: Joe lets himself into Irma's flat, locking it behind him. She is terrified. Ryan and the police rush to the Street but Joe escapes through the toilet window and takes refuge with Minnie and his gun.
  • Episode 8: The police surround the house and Joe fires his gun at them and refuses to come out. Stan breaks into No.5 and Joe releases Minnie. Holding Stan at gunpoint, Joe makes him sing carols...
  • Format: Region 2 PAL Format Black & White/Colour
  • Running Time: 200 minutes
  • Video Aspect: 4:3 Full Screen
  • Audio Soundtrack: English
Coronation Street - 1970 [DVD] Coronation Street - 1970 [DVD]

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