Ballykissangel Video - Volume 3 - NTSC


Ballykissangel Video Volume Three

Ballykissangel Volume Three Video - NTSC Version

Episodes 5 and 6 of Series One of Ballykissangel

  • Episodes 5 and 6 of Ballykissangel
  • NTSC Video Format - For USA and Canada
  • In the fifth episode of the series, The Power and The Glory, Brian Quigley decides to run in the local election against the aspiring crematorium-builder, Sean Dooley. However, when a journalist and old boyfriend of Assumpta arrives in Ballykissangel and starts digging around, all sorts of trouble ensues.
  • In the sixth and final episode of Series One, Missing You Already, Father Peter finds out that he is to be sent back to England. Meanwhile, Brian Quigley is busy organising a local festival complete with his own bar and grill which doesn't go down well with Assumpta as Fitzgeralds is likely to lose a lot of business. Niamh and Ambrose finally make it down the aisle.
  • VHS NTSC Video Cassette - Closed Captioned NTSC Colour
  • Running Time - 105 minutes
  • Release - 19 July 2000
Ballykissangel, Vol. 3 - The Power and the Glory/Missing You Already [VHS] Ballykissangel, Vol. 3 - The Power and the Glory/Missing You Already [VHS]

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Saints preserve us! When the unsuspecting inhabitants of Ballykissangel learn that their new priest is—gasp!—an Englishman, the remote little Irish village is all aquiver. Undaunted, young Father Peter Clifford is determined to succeed in his new parish, where an initial challenge is to win over Assumpta Fitzgerald, a prickly pub owner with no time for religion, especially from those of Father Peter's persuasion. Refreshingly free of quaint stereotypes and distinguished by versatile acting and unpredictable plots, this British series has scores of avid fans. 5-1/4 hours on 3 cassettes.