Ballykissangel  Series Two NTSC Region 1 DVD Boxset


Ballykissangel - Series Two DVD Boxset

Ballykissangel Series Two Region 1 NTSC DVD Boxset

Complete Series Two DVD Boxset

Ballykissangel - 2 DVD Boxset Featuring all eight episodes from Series Two

Region 1 NTSC Format For USA and Canada

Life is a challenge for any priest in a small mountain town, and Father Peter Clifford has just arrived in the Irish village of Ballykissangel from Manchester with high expectations and no driver's licence!

  • Episode 2-1: For One Night Only
    When Father Peter is "won" by Assumpta in a charity slave auction, some eyebrows are raised, but when he is cast as her love interest in the town play, Father MacAnally puts his foot down.
  • Episode 2-2: River Dance
    The town is up in arms and Peter is outraged, when a beloved local teacher loses his job.
  • Episode 2-3: In The Can
    Former one-hit wonder Enda Sullivan takes Assumpta out on a date and Peter recruits him to play at a Gospel Mass. Meanwhile, Brian Quigley directs a Ballykissangel tourist film.
  • Episode 2-4: The Facts Of Life
    When Peter finds an abandoned newborn on his doorstep, he makes it his mission to find the child's mother and reunite her family.
  • Episode 2-5: Someone To Watch Over Me
    Brian Quigley's new housekeeper is entirely too attractive and flirtatious for her own good... or Brian's!
  • Episode 2-6: Only Skin Deep
    It's festival time and Brian Quigley thinks he's backed a winner in the town beauty contest. Siobhan does some detective work while Peter and Ambrose try to reform a young delinquent.
  • Episode 2-7: Money, Money, Money
    When a fire guts Kathleen's house, the villagers unite to help her rebuild. All they need is a sure thing at the racetrack to help them afford it.
  • Episode 2-8: Chinese Whispers
    Two strangers cause chaos when a rumour spreads that they are from the revenue service.
  • Format - Region 1 NTSC Closed Captioned Colour
  • Running Time - 400 minutes
  • Audio Soundtrack - English - Dolby Digital Stereo
  • Video Aspect - 1.33:1
  • No.of of Discs - Two
Ballykissangel - Complete Series Two Ballykissangel - Complete Series Two

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Life is a challenge for any priest in a small mountain town, and Father Peter Clifford struggles to save his parishioners' souls without falling himself...for the local barkeep, Assumpta Fitzgerald.

Ballykissangel's 1997 BBC and PBS season represents the full blossoming of its charming debut. Characters have grown and relationships have deepened in the small Irish village affectionately known among locals as "BallyK." Despite the pastoral setting, hopes, disappointments, and intrigues flourish with implacable regularity: babies are conceived and miscarried, voices of friends are raised and quieted over pints, priests are both buddies and confessors. Ambition, survival, and the constancy of community are more important in Ballykissangel's thoughtful comedy than eccentricity (though there is certainly plenty of that). Think of this show as an Irish Northern Exposure, including appealing counterparts to some of that American series' key characters. In "For One Night Only," the Manchester, England-born Father Peter Clifford (Stephen Tompkinson) further complicates his ambiguous and professionally forbidden feelings for Assumpta Fitzgerald (Dervla Kirwan), the beautiful and sardonic pub owner, by playing a love scene with her. The ever-observant and long-suffering Father Peter also finds an abandoned baby on his doorstep in "The Facts of Life," a sour irony for Niamh (Tina Kellegher) and Ambrose (Peter Hanly) Egan, the much-admired young couple who lose their first pregnancy from natural causes. Meanwhile, Niamh's father, the relentless contractor, Brian Quigley (Tony Doyle), continues his quest for the perfect scam, burying profits and inventing creative bribes to sway clients and officials. It speaks well of Ballykissangel's moral, if mellow, complexity that Brian, like Peter's nemesis, Father MacNally (Niall Toibin), can be appreciated for his full humanity regardless of his misdeeds. Other highlights: "In the Can," in which the fiercely independent Assumpta goes out with a womanizing pop star despite advice to the contrary. "Money, Money, Money" finds Brian burned in a gambling scheme then seeking revenge through a charity poker tournament. The season finale, "Chinese Whispers," concerns widespread paranoia when two mysterious government investigators show up. The episode is quite funny, and ultimately reassuring about all that is soulful and good in BallyK. --Tom Keogh

DVD Information

Binding: DVD
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Audience Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Brand: Warner Home Video
Manufacturer: BBC
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  • Stephen Tompkinson
  • Lorcan Cranitch
  • Kate McEnery
  • Simon Mulholland
  • Victoria Smurfit


  • Life is a challenge for any priest in a small mountain town, and Father Peter Clifford struggles to save his parishioners' souls without falling himself.for the local barkeep, Assumpta Fitzgerald.Running Time: 300 min. Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION Rating: NR Age: 794051186621 UPC: 794051186621 Manufacturer No: E1866